On-line Ion Exchange Preconcentration in a Sequential Injection Lab-on-valve Microsystem Incorporating a Renewable Column With ETAAS for the Trace Level Determination of Bismuth in Urine and River Sediment

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    A?sequential?injection?system?for?on-line?ion exchange separation and?preconcentration?of trace level amounts of metal ions with ensuing detection by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS) is described. Based on the use of?a?renewable microcolumn incorporated within an integrated lab-on-valve microsystem, the?column?is initially loaded with?a?defined volume of beads of an SP Sephadex C-25 cation exchange resin. After having been exposed to?a?metered amount of sample solution, the loaded bead suspension is precisely manipulated within the valve to allow reproducible elution of the retained analyte by 30 muL nitric acid (1: 16,v/v) which, via air segmentation, are then transported into the graphite tube for quantification. The content of the used?column?is afterwards discarded and new?column?material is aspirated for the next run. The ETAAS determination is performed in parallel with the?preconcentration?process of the ensuing sample. The performance of the?system?is demonstrated for the determination of bismuth. With 2.4-mL sample loading, an enrichment factor of 33.4,?a?detection limit of 27 ng 1:1, along with?a?sampling frequency of 10 h(-1) was obtained. The relative standard deviation was 2.3% for the determination of 2.0 mg 1:1 Bi (n = 7). The procedure was validated by determination of bismuth in?a?certified reference material CRM 320 (river sediment) and by bismuth spike recoveries in two human urine samples.

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