In Situ Analysis of Low-Li-Be Samples by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

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    Lithium and beryllium are strategic key metals, which are indispensable in emerging information technology and green energy industries. They are also powerful tracers in a wide range of geological processes, notably those related to deep-earth elemental cycling and ore deposition. Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) analysis has the advantages of in situ, high spatial resolution and almost non-destruction. Here, we present a modified SIMS procedure to simultaneously measure the Li-Be contents in eight well characterized Li-Be-poor glass samples (Li = 3?43 ppm, Be = 0.034?46 ppm) and one new synthetic glass with purity (considered as Li and Be free) to evaluate the analytical precision, accuracy and limit of detection (LOD). For lithium, the internal precision is better than 0.42% (1SE), and the spot-to-spot reproducibility is mostly better than 2.71% (RSD). For beryllium, the internal precision is better than 0.93% (1SE), and the spot-to-spot reproducibility is better than 4.68% (RSD). For the Li and Be contents, the difference between the calibrated SIMS elemental contents and the recommended value is generally below 5.1% and 7.9%, respectively. The LOD is ~0.04 ppb for Li and ~0.01 ppb for Be. All these demonstrate the improved performance of this analytical technique and its reliability for measurement of low-Li-Be samples. The findings contribute to our understanding of the Li-Be distribution and behavior in geological materials, and provide implications to mineral exploration and environmental studies.

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